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mouth-to-mouth (uncountable)

  1. Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
    • 2014, William Stadler, Seize the Soul: Confessions of a Summoner, page 160:
      Press on her chest or give her mouth-to-mouth first? Since she'd been strangled, I decided to give her mouth-to-mouth.
  2. (slang, figuratively) Kissing, particularly French kissing.
    • 2005, Chase Walker & ‎Robert D. Russell, Bayou Savage, the Ghost Wars - Book 2, →ISBN, page 192:
      “Welllllllllllll, maybe a little mouth-to mouth[sic] is in order,” as she flung her arms around Quirk's neck, pressed her firm, yet supple body against his and gave him a long, open mouthed kiss.
    • 2010, Sydney Salter, Swoon at Your Own Risk, →ISBN, page 27:
      “Looking forward to a little mouth-to-mouth action?” Sonnet asks me. “Maybe reignite your lost love.” ¶ “Yeah, because resuscitation is so romantic.”


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