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  1. Alternative form of -munca


Tone L
Infinitive ukumunya
Imperative Imperative
+ object prefix
Singular munya munye
Plural munyani munyeni
Present Participial Subjunctive
1st singular ngiyamunya, ngimunya ngimunya ngimunye
2nd singular uyamunya, umunya umunya umunye
1st plural siyamunya, simunya simunya simunye
2nd plural niyamunya, nimunya nimunya nimunye
Class 1 uyamunya, umunya emunya amunye
Class 2 bayamunya, bamunya bemunya bamunye
Class 3 uyamunya, umunya umunya umunye
Class 4 iyamunya, imunya imunya imunye
Class 5 liyamunya, limunya limunya limunye
Class 6 ayamunya, amunya emunya amunye
Class 7 siyamunya, simunya simunya simunye
Class 8 ziyamunya, zimunya zimunya zimunye
Class 9 iyamunya, imunya imunya imunye
Class 10 ziyamunya, zimunya zimunya zimunye
Class 11 luyamunya, lumunya lumunya lumunye
Class 14 buyamunya, bumunya bumunya bumunye
Class 15 kuyamunya, kumunya kumunya kumunye
Class 17 kuyamunya, kumunya kumunya kumunye
Recent past Recent past
1st singular ngimunyile, ngimunyē bengimunya
2nd singular umunyile, umunyē ubemunya
1st plural simunyile, simunyē sibemunya
2nd plural nimunyile, nimunyē nibemunya
Class 1 umunyile, umunyē ubemunya
Class 2 bamunyile, bamunyē bebemunya
Class 3 umunyile, umunyē bewumunya
Class 4 imunyile, imunyē beyimunya
Class 5 limunyile, limunyē belimunya
Class 6 amunyile, amunyē abemunya
Class 7 simunyile, simunyē besimunya
Class 8 zimunyile, zimunyē bezimunya
Class 9 imunyile, imunyē beyimunya
Class 10 zimunyile, zimunyē bezimunya
Class 11 lumunyile, lumunyē belumunya
Class 14 bumunyile, bumunyē bebumunya
Class 15 kumunyile, kumunyē bekumunya
Class 17 kumunyile, kumunyē bekumunya
Remote past Remote past
1st singular ngāmunya ngangimunya
2nd singular wāmunya wawumunya
1st plural sāmunya sasimunya
2nd plural nāmunya nanimunya
Class 1 wāmunya wayemunya
Class 2 bāmunya babemunya
Class 3 wāmunya wawumunya
Class 4 yāmunya yayimunya
Class 5 lāmunya lalimunya
Class 6 āmunya ayemunya
Class 7 sāmunya sasimunya
Class 8 zāmunya zazimunya
Class 9 yāmunya yayimunya
Class 10 zāmunya zazimunya
Class 11 lwāmunya lwalumunya
Class 14 bāmunya babumunya
Class 15 kwāmunya kwakumunya
Class 17 kwāmunya kwakumunya
1st singular ngizomunya
2nd singular uzomunya
1st plural sizomunya
2nd plural nizomunya
Class 1 uzomunya
Class 2 bazomunya
Class 3 uzomunya
Class 4 izomunya
Class 5 lizomunya
Class 6 azomunya
Class 7 sizomunya
Class 8 zizomunya
Class 9 izomunya
Class 10 zizomunya
Class 11 luzomunya
Class 14 buzomunya
Class 15 kuzomunya
Class 17 kuzomunya