Turkish edit

Etymology edit

Inherited from Ottoman Turkish موصندره(musandıra), from the unattested Greek word *μεσάνδηρο (*mesándiro, pedestal, mezzanine, balcony).

Noun edit

musandıra (definite accusative musandırayı, plural musandıralar)

  1. linen closet, a shelved closet used for the storage of bedlinen and associated bedding
  2. shelf, a rigid structure used to support or display objects, especially one high un on a wall
    Synonym: sergen

Declension edit

Nominative musandıra
Definite accusative musandırayı
Singular Plural
Nominative musandıra musandıralar
Definite accusative musandırayı musandıraları
Dative musandıraya musandıralara
Locative musandırada musandıralarda
Ablative musandıradan musandıralardan
Genitive musandıranın musandıraların

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