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native cat (plural native cats)

  1. (Australia) The quoll; any member of the genus Dasyurus of carnivorous marsupials. [1]
    • 1907, New South Wales Department of Agriculture, The Agricultural Gazette of New South Wales, Volume 17, page 154,
      We have found the greatest enemies to be rats, native cats, hawks and crows.
    • 1992, Acta Anatomica, Volumes 143-144, page 341,
      The mesonephros of the native cat is a functional excretory organ at birth which begins to degenerate on day 15 and is completely repressed by day 30 post partum. In this regard, the native cat does not differ markedly from other marsupials, [] .
    • 2010, Robert Layton, Australian Rock Art: A New Synthesis, page 43,
      Widjingara, the native cat or quoll (Dasyurus hallucatus), made the spring by shaking his shoulders and flinging water from his fur.

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