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  1. (intransitive) to suck
    Synonyms: -munca


Tone L
Infinitive ukuncela
Imperative Imperative
+ object prefix
Singular ncela ncele
Plural ncelani nceleni
Present Participial Subjunctive
1st singular ngiyancela, ngincela ngincela ngincele
2nd singular uyancela, uncela uncela uncele
1st plural siyancela, sincela sincela sincele
2nd plural niyancela, nincela nincela nincele
Class 1 uyancela, uncela encela ancele
Class 2 bayancela, bancela bencela bancele
Class 3 uyancela, uncela uncela uncele
Class 4 iyancela, incela incela incele
Class 5 liyancela, lincela lincela lincele
Class 6 ayancela, ancela encela ancele
Class 7 siyancela, sincela sincela sincele
Class 8 ziyancela, zincela zincela zincele
Class 9 iyancela, incela incela incele
Class 10 ziyancela, zincela zincela zincele
Class 11 luyancela, luncela luncela luncele
Class 14 buyancela, buncela buncela buncele
Class 15 kuyancela, kuncela kuncela kuncele
Class 17 kuyancela, kuncela kuncela kuncele
Recent past Recent past
1st singular ngincelile, ngincelē bengincela
2nd singular uncelile, uncelē ubencela
1st plural sincelile, sincelē sibencela
2nd plural nincelile, nincelē nibencela
Class 1 uncelile, uncelē ubencela
Class 2 bancelile, bancelē bebencela
Class 3 uncelile, uncelē bewuncela
Class 4 incelile, incelē beyincela
Class 5 lincelile, lincelē belincela
Class 6 ancelile, ancelē abencela
Class 7 sincelile, sincelē besincela
Class 8 zincelile, zincelē bezincela
Class 9 incelile, incelē beyincela
Class 10 zincelile, zincelē bezincela
Class 11 luncelile, luncelē beluncela
Class 14 buncelile, buncelē bebuncela
Class 15 kuncelile, kuncelē bekuncela
Class 17 kuncelile, kuncelē bekuncela
Remote past Remote past
1st singular ngāncela ngangincela
2nd singular wāncela wawuncela
1st plural sāncela sasincela
2nd plural nāncela nanincela
Class 1 wāncela wayencela
Class 2 bāncela babencela
Class 3 wāncela wawuncela
Class 4 yāncela yayincela
Class 5 lāncela lalincela
Class 6 āncela ayencela
Class 7 sāncela sasincela
Class 8 zāncela zazincela
Class 9 yāncela yayincela
Class 10 zāncela zazincela
Class 11 lwāncela lwaluncela
Class 14 bāncela babuncela
Class 15 kwāncela kwakuncela
Class 17 kwāncela kwakuncela
1st singular ngizoncela
2nd singular uzoncela
1st plural sizoncela
2nd plural nizoncela
Class 1 uzoncela
Class 2 bazoncela
Class 3 uzoncela
Class 4 izoncela
Class 5 lizoncela
Class 6 azoncela
Class 7 sizoncela
Class 8 zizoncela
Class 9 izoncela
Class 10 zizoncela
Class 11 luzoncela
Class 14 buzoncela
Class 15 kuzoncela
Class 17 kuzoncela