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  1. (intransitive) to fly


Tone L
Infinitive ukundiza
Imperative Imperative
+ object prefix
Singular ndiza ndize
Plural ndizani ndizeni
Present Participial Subjunctive
1st singular ngiyandiza, ngindiza ngindiza ngindize
2nd singular uyandiza, undiza undiza undize
1st plural siyandiza, sindiza sindiza sindize
2nd plural niyandiza, nindiza nindiza nindize
Class 1 uyandiza, undiza endiza andize
Class 2 bayandiza, bandiza bendiza bandize
Class 3 uyandiza, undiza undiza undize
Class 4 iyandiza, indiza indiza indize
Class 5 liyandiza, lindiza lindiza lindize
Class 6 ayandiza, andiza endiza andize
Class 7 siyandiza, sindiza sindiza sindize
Class 8 ziyandiza, zindiza zindiza zindize
Class 9 iyandiza, indiza indiza indize
Class 10 ziyandiza, zindiza zindiza zindize
Class 11 luyandiza, lundiza lundiza lundize
Class 14 buyandiza, bundiza bundiza bundize
Class 15 kuyandiza, kundiza kundiza kundize
Class 17 kuyandiza, kundiza kundiza kundize
Recent past Recent past
1st singular ngindizile, ngindizē bengindiza
2nd singular undizile, undizē ubendiza
1st plural sindizile, sindizē sibendiza
2nd plural nindizile, nindizē nibendiza
Class 1 undizile, undizē ubendiza
Class 2 bandizile, bandizē bebendiza
Class 3 undizile, undizē bewundiza
Class 4 indizile, indizē beyindiza
Class 5 lindizile, lindizē belindiza
Class 6 andizile, andizē abendiza
Class 7 sindizile, sindizē besindiza
Class 8 zindizile, zindizē bezindiza
Class 9 indizile, indizē beyindiza
Class 10 zindizile, zindizē bezindiza
Class 11 lundizile, lundizē belundiza
Class 14 bundizile, bundizē bebundiza
Class 15 kundizile, kundizē bekundiza
Class 17 kundizile, kundizē bekundiza
Remote past Remote past
1st singular ngāndiza ngangindiza
2nd singular wāndiza wawundiza
1st plural sāndiza sasindiza
2nd plural nāndiza nanindiza
Class 1 wāndiza wayendiza
Class 2 bāndiza babendiza
Class 3 wāndiza wawundiza
Class 4 yāndiza yayindiza
Class 5 lāndiza lalindiza
Class 6 āndiza ayendiza
Class 7 sāndiza sasindiza
Class 8 zāndiza zazindiza
Class 9 yāndiza yayindiza
Class 10 zāndiza zazindiza
Class 11 lwāndiza lwalundiza
Class 14 bāndiza babundiza
Class 15 kwāndiza kwakundiza
Class 17 kwāndiza kwakundiza
1st singular ngizondiza
2nd singular uzondiza
1st plural sizondiza
2nd plural nizondiza
Class 1 uzondiza
Class 2 bazondiza
Class 3 uzondiza
Class 4 izondiza
Class 5 lizondiza
Class 6 azondiza
Class 7 sizondiza
Class 8 zizondiza
Class 9 izondiza
Class 10 zizondiza
Class 11 luzondiza
Class 14 buzondiza
Class 15 kuzondiza
Class 17 kuzondiza

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