Alternative formsEdit


From need +‎ -worthy.


needworthy (comparative more needworthy, superlative most needworthy)

  1. (rare) Worthy of a particular need.
    • 1975, Building Effective Minority Programs in Engineering Education: A Report:
      The dean's office has worked directly with these groups and has allocated funds to some needworthy students for obtaining special tutoring.
    • 1994, James Patrick Donleavy, The history of The ginger man, page 513:
      It was to be from this day forward that one would quietly shrink back from all bonhomie but the most heartfelt and needworthy.
    • 2004, Bertil Tungodden, Nicholas Herbert Stern, Nicholas Stern, Toward Pro-poor Policies: Aid, Institutions, and Globalization:
      In countries with poor macroeconomic conditions, including adverse business cycles and weak or compromised policy institutions, many creditworthy and need-worthy candidates are ineligible for credit they might be able to use effectively.
    • 2012, Duncan Wu, Romanticism: An Anthology:
      [] and disciplining the human mind by the substitution of life and intelligence (considered in its different powers, from the plant up to that state in which the difference of degree becomes a new kind – man, self-consciousness – but yet not by essential opposition), for the philosophy of mechanism which in everything that is needworthy of the human intellect strikes death, and cheats itself by mistaking clear images for distinct conceptions, and which idly demands conceptions where []