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Alternative formsEdit


From nether- +‎ thought.


netherthought (plural netherthoughts)

  1. An internal or subconscious thought; a hidden, underlying, secretive, or furtive thought.
    • 1881, William Dean Howells, A modern instance: a novel:
      She had looked at him with sad intensity in the eyes, as if trying to fathom any nether thought that he might have.
    • 1882, Harper's magazine:
      [...] he had superficially forgotten that the readers' opinions of his story were in, while his nether thought writhed in anguish around the question of what their opinions were.
    • 1895, McBride's magazine:
      All this, however, was the nether thought. What he saw, and what he thought he was thinking about, was the pretty picture Kate made as she sat on the railing of the porch, with her face turned a little toward the flaming western sky.
  2. A low, base, or vile thought.
    • 2006, Group Hug - Haps with the Chaps:
      He has souped himself up with a couple of mighty croutons, this low-slung prince of the netherthought, and will bring furious ancient knowledge ringing around our inner ears.