From nonsense +‎ -ic.


nonsensic (comparative more nonsensic, superlative most nonsensic)

  1. Alternative form of nonsensical
    • 1936, Hutchinson, R. C., Shining Scabbard, Farrar & Rinehart, page 242:
      She saw only that he was old, and worn as he had been on the last day of the trial, bludgeoned to half-consciousness by the nonsensic clamour; that his grandeur had remained; he stood so straight, so large in that old coat of his, the one he had worn to travel here from Paris.
    • 1973, Harvard Center for Law and Education, Classification Materials, page 364:
      What does that teacher do in the classroom? If they group low ability and they teach low ability, then we're going to get low ability product. I know it sounds terribly nonsensic, and I hope there is not too much disparity between psychology and common sense.
    • 1980, High Fidelity, page 30:
      Fwyynghns (pronounced “finnies”) turned out to be dippy little characters cursed with a nonsensic mincemeat of dialogue scooped from nursery rhymes and princess myths.
    • 1983, Acta Botanica Hungarica, volume 30, page 90:
      On first thought the proposition of changing the number of points in data space might seem to be nonsensic, since results of multivariate analyses will most likely be different and difficult to compare.
    • 1993, New Trends in Referred Pain and Hyperalgesia, Elsevier, →ISBN, page 322:
      If truly ongoing spontaneous neuropathic pain emanates from regenerated sprouts in surviving axons, then apparently nonsensic associations will be found between (a) structurally devastated nerve distally, []
    • 1989, Kolig, Erich, Dreamtime Politics: Religion, World View and Utopian Thought in Australian Aboriginal Society, →ISBN, page 96:
      Cosmological, speculative meaning without the appended avenues for achieving it in real life, would at least be extremely frustrating and at worst appear totally nonsensic.
    • 1998, Halén, Harry, Biliktu Bakshi, the Knowledgeable Teacher: G.J. Ramstedt's Career as a Scholar, →ISBN, page 165:
      During the hot summer months he had put together something he called a “nonsensic manuscript” and now he wanted to discuss it with Ramstedt.
    • 2004, R̥ta, the Cosmic Order, →ISBN, page 305:
      The sung word is ubiquitous in Indian music. It dominates all vocal music except rāgālāpana and tāna. Here also, nonsensic, carrier syllables have a part to play.
    • 2012 April 3, Broström, Göran, Event History Analysis with R, CRC Press, →ISBN, page 164:
      In comparison to the LRT, one model less has to be fitted. This saves time and efforts, unfortunately on the expense of accuracy, because it may occasionally give nonsensic results.