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Blend of not +‎ hotspot


notspot (plural notspots)

  1. (informal) An area where wireless Internet access is not available.
    • 2009, Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Welsh Affairs Committee, Digital inclusion in Wales: thirteenth report of session 2008-09 (page 140)
      The exchange enablement phase of the RIBS programme was completed in July 2007. Now seeking to address broadband notspots.
    • 2009, Jane Wakefield (BBC News), Need to tackle 'social' notspots
      Some 17 million people in the UK - 30% of the population - are estimated to be offline because they simply don't want it. Some have opted out for economic reasons while others believe broadband has no relevance to their lives.
    • 2010, BBC News, Erbistock villagers quoted £550,000 for broadband link
      "We've been able to do this work for £50,000," said Mr Lewis.
      "I'm not sure why BT said it would cost so much more, but essentially this is a case of community action and a small company working together.
      "This is now the first Welsh notspot area to receive broadband using this method. We hope to go live in October."

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