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nut head (plural nut heads)

  1. Alternative form of nuthead
    • 2014, Timmie Guzzmann, Funny Jokes For Kids:
      Yeah, this crowd of total nut heads also called guests are only accepting Mom's invitations because Mom has the best caterer in town with real gourmet food and the whole nine yards.
    • 2016, Pio Dal Cin, Taxidriver - A Venetian in Miami, →ISBN:
      “Me a nut head? Yeah, sure!” Replied Georgia and continued:” If they open that fat belly of yours they'll find so much beer that they could do an October's Fest.”
  2. Alternative form of nut-head
    • 1952, Cornelia Stratton Parker, Your Child Can be Happy in Bed:
      The nut heads can be glued with rubber cement onto small stuffed raffia or other bodies reinforced with pipe cleaners.
    • 1965, Larry Freeman, The American Life Collectors' Annual - Volume 5:
      For better protective care I now put all nature dolls in cellophane bags. Aside from the nut heads, the finest of Esther Nusser's workmanship is lavished on her Grandma and Grandpa Dried Apple Head Dolls.
    • 2001, Rachel Bonney, ‎J. Anthony Paredes, Anthropologists and Indians in the New South, →ISBN, page 168:
      Cornhusk dolls with nut heads and cornhusk clothing, possibly Choctaw, were for sale at the Five Civilized Tribes Museum.
    • 1976, The Commercial Motor - Volume 144, page 33:
      It is said the nut heads are flat-faced and bare on a flat surface, but the means by which loosening is prevented has not been indicated.
    • 2007, Rick Shandley, 101 Performance Projects for Your Pickup and SUV, →ISBN, page 9:
      Nut drivers are designed to deal with small nut heads where the fasteners are not torqued to any specifications but are hand tight and usually found in tight quarters.
    • 2013, M L Gambhir, Fundamentals of Structural Steel Design, →ISBN:
      These bolts may be tightened to the desired initial high pre-tension so that the connected parts are tightly held together between the bolts and nut heads without any slip at the interface.