of Koranic proportions



A play on of biblical proportions.


of Koranic proportions (not comparable)

  1. (rare) Of biblical proportions: immense.
    • 1989, in Nigeria Since Independence: The First Twenty-Five Years,[1] Heinemann Educational, →ISBN, page 265:
      We hear of pestilence of Biblical or Koranic proportions: plagues, locusts, famine, wars, wholesale displacement of peoples, diseases, some of which are incurable.
    • 2001, Don Pendleton, Deep Treachery, Harlequin Books, page 242:
      I have even heard the term of epic Koranic proportions, in reference to this slaughter of soldiers and officers and men who were mere business partners in this venture.
    • 2003, Don Pendleton, Axis Of Conflict,[2] Harlequin, →ISBN, page 158:
      He had come so far, endured so much, a stunning victory of Koranic proportions merely days away but now snatched from his grasp, the crudest of fates.
    • 2005, Don Pendleton, Devil's Bargain,[3] Harlequin Books, →ISBN, page 262:
      [] going all the way while racking up a body count of Koranic proportions.
    • 2009, Leonard Borman, Our Jewish Robot Future: A Novel about the Garden of Eden and the Cyborgian Transformation of the Human Race, Scarletta Press, →ISBN, page 94:
      When I returned home, I would say, “Alex, you were good. So good that the sex I will reward you with will be of Koranic proportions.”
    • 2016 October 2, David Honigmann, "Transcender 2016, Milton Court, London — review", Financial Times.
      (There are now two rival versions of the Master Musicians, who display a mutual enmity of Koranic proportions.)

Usage notesEdit

  • This phrase is chiefly used by non-Muslims, in contexts that refer to Muslims.