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off book

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Prepositional phraseEdit

off book

  1. (theater) No longer needing the script to rehearse.
    After 5 days studying the script, Jane is now off book, and can concentrate on gesture more.
    • 1873, Thomas Wright, Our New Masters, Strahan & Co., page 125:
    "He will glibly parse a sentence ... and repeat the catechism and whole chapters of the Bible 'off book.'"
    "In all likelihood, the director will leave you alone throughout the rest of the production and focus attention on the guy who isn't off book yet."
    "'So if Antigone wants to be off book, I think the rest of you should be off book too.'"
  2. below the list price
    • 1963, Richard Austin Smith, Corporations in Crisis, Doubleday, page 74:
      "in the winter of 1957-58 prices were 60 percent off book."


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