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off book

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Prepositional phraseEdit

off book

  1. (theater) No longer needing the script to rehearse.
    After 5 days studying the script, Jane is now off book, and can concentrate on gesture more.
    • 1873, Thomas Wright, Our New Masters, Strahan & Co., page 125:
    "He will glibly parse a sentence ... and repeat the catechism and whole chapters of the Bible 'off book.'"
    • 1993, Doug Moston, Coming to Terms with Acting, ISBN 0896761215, page 74:
    "In all likelihood, the director will leave you alone throughout the rest of the production and focus attention on the guy who isn't off book yet."
    • 2003, Jeffrey Eugenides, Middlesex, Picador, ISBN 0312422156, page 332:
    "'So if Antigone wants to be off book, I think the rest of you should be off book too.'"
  2. below the list price
    • 1963, Richard Austin Smith, Corporations in Crisis, Doubleday, page 74:
      "in the winter of 1957-58 prices were 60 percent off book."


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