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Borrowed from Latin olidus from olēre (to smell).


olid (comparative more olid, superlative most olid)

  1. (rare) evil-smelling; fetid.
    • 1824, John Mason Good, The study of medicine: with a physiological system of nosology:
      The febrile attack is usually somewhat severe in all its stages, the pricking sensation occurs during the hot fit, and is like that of pin-points struck into the skin; the sweat is copious, but proves by its sour and olid smell that it is a morbid secretion, and hence affords no relief.
    • 1999, Christian Petersen, Let the Day Perish:
      An olid smell made the boy catch his breath.
    • 2000, Chris R. Jamison, The Chesler Legacy, page 46:
      It was dark and musty, the carpet giving off an olid smell of mildew.