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Alternative formsEdit


From ooid +‎ -al.


ooidal (not comparable)

  1. Egg-shaped.
  2. (geology) Oolitic.
    • 1975, Augustus K. Armstrong, Carboniferous Corals of Alaska, A Preliminary Report, Paleozoic Corals of Alaska, Geological Survey Professional Paper, Volume 823, Parts 1-4, page 49,
      The lithostrotionoid corals are common in bryozoan-echinoderm and ooidal packstones adjacent to ooidal and well-sorted crinoid grainstones.
    • 2004, East Midlands Geological Society, The Mercian Geologist, Volume 16, page 214,
      The two formations show similar types of ooidal ironstone as well as other quite different lithologies.
    • 2009, Oscar Merino-Tomé, Juan R. Bahamonde, Luis P. Fernández, Juan R. Colmenero, Facies architecture and cyclicity of an Upper Carboniferous carbonate ramp developed in a Variscan piggy-back basin (Cantabrian Mountains, northwest Spain), Gary Nichols, Edward Williams, Chris Paola (editors), Sedimentary Processes, Environments and Basins: A Tribute to Peter Friend, International Association of Sedimentologists, Special Publication 38, page 203,
      Inner-ramp deposits correspond to skeletal and ooidal shoals, beaches and tidal channels (see Burchette & Wright, 1992).