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open relationship (plural open relationships)

  1. A romantic and/or sexual relationship in which the people involved are permitted or tolerated to be available to have additional simultaneous romantic and/or sexual relationships.
    • 2003, Rose Rouse, The Observer, 26 Jan 2003:
      "But practically and logistically, what does an open relationship actually involve? Apparently, it's about 'being able to love yourself and others, plus healing some of the guilt and shame we have around our sexuality," says Susannah.
    • 2004, Out, Mar 2004, p. 132:
      "Ryan wants to have sex and says he and his boyfriend have an open relationship, but I feel too guilty to go all the way."
    • 2017 June 23, "Is spokes model Cindy Margolis married or single after her divorce with Guy Starkman, Know her current affairs",
      "The couple is one of the celebrities who believed in open relationships".


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