From orthotypography +‎ -ic.


orthotypographic (not comparable)

  1. (rare) Of or relating to orthotypography.
    • 2017, Schwieter, John W.; Ferreira, Aline, editors, The Handbook of Translation and Cognition, Wiley, →ISBN, page 524:
      Their study suggests that there are common patterns in the behavior of their informants: (a) they focus on the editing phase to the detriment of preparing and revising the text, (b) they center their monitoring operations on structurally simple units, and (c) a high percentage of their corrections are of orthotypographic mistakes.
    • 2019, Rocha, Álvaro; Adeli, Hojjat; Reis, Luís Paulo; Costanzo, Sandra, editors, New Knowledge in Information Systems and Technologies, volume 1, Springer Science+Business Media, →ISBN, page 188:
      At the level of discourse, there has been an identification of style errors produced either by the use of an inappropriate register or due to orthotypographic conventions.
    • 2020, Ahmad, Noor Hazlina; Iqbal, Qaisar, editors, Challenges and Opportunities for SMEs in Industry 4.0, IGI Global, →ISBN, page 169:
      Regarding the inconsistencies or orthotypographic errors identified in the sample, these have been detected in 21 sites (78%).