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Alternative formsEdit


Borrowed from Sanskrit ओष्ठ्य (oṣṭhya, labial).



  1. (Indian linguistics) a labial consonant
    • 1976, Natural Language Studies, Issue 21, p. 162
      In the RPr. ... it is true that v is included in a class characterized only as oṣṭhya, but this refers only to sthāna.
    • 1991, Pāṇini, Shivram Dattatray Joshi, J. A. F. Roodbergen, The Aṣṭādhyāyī of Pāṇini with Translation and Explanatory Notes, Volume 10, p. 223
      The KV then points out that the rule not only applies in connection with osthya sounds, but also in connection with the dantoṣṭhya 'labio-dental' sound v.
    • 1997, Madhav Deshpande, Śaunakīyā Caturādhyāyikā, p. 137
      and hence in spite of its labio-dentality, it came to be listed as an oṣṭhya sound.