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ouns pl (plural only)

  1. (archaic, dialectal) Wounds, especially the wounds of Christ on the cross.
    • 2009, Georgette Heyer, The Black Moth, →ISBN, page 119:
      Tare an' ouns, man! And is it meself that'll be caring what ye may or may not be?
    • 1922, James Joyce, Ulysses, page 1:
      For this, O dearly beloved, is the genuine Christine: body and soul and blood and ouns.
    • 1831, Thomas Crofton Croker, Killarney Legends: Arranged as a Guide to the Lakes, page 173:
      Thunder an' tear an' ouns," said he
    • 1826, O'Hara family pseud, Tales by the O'Hara family, page 2:
      Tundher-an-ouns, Sir, give it to us, or you'11 be afther stroking it into a wran at last, so you will.

Usage notesEdit

Typically used as part of an interjection.

Derived termsEdit