English edit

Etymology edit

out- +‎ perform

Verb edit

outperform (third-person singular simple present outperforms, present participle outperforming, simple past and past participle outperformed)

  1. To perform better than something or someone.
    • 2011 July 18, John Cassidy, “Mastering the Machine”, in The New Yorker[1], →ISSN:
      The strategy depends on an ability to outperform the market consistently, which many economists regard as virtually impossible.
    • 2019 October 23, “Industry Insider: Continued rail growth”, in Rail, page 72:
      Rail has continued to outperform bus operations, where a decline in ridership continues.
    • 2023 October 30, Herbold et al., “A large-scale comparison of human-written versus ChatGPT-generated essays”, in Scientific Reports, volume 13, page 8:
      ChatGPT performs well at writing argumentative student essays and outperforms the quality of the human-written essays significantly.