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palaeoconservative (comparative more palaeoconservative, superlative most palaeoconservative)

  1. Alternative spelling of paleoconservative
    • 1989: Conor Cruise O’Brien, Passion & Cunning: Essays on Nationalism, Terrorism and Revolution, page 252 (Simon and Schuster; →ISBN, 9780671687465)
      Far from thinking of that election result as ‘a mark of the spreading influence of neo-conservative intellectuals’, I think that the only intellectual who clearly exercised a significant influence in bringing about the defeat of Jimmy Carter and the election of Ronald Reagan was that eminent palaeoconservative scholar, Imam Khomeini.


palaeoconservative (plural palaeoconservatives)

  1. Alternative spelling of paleoconservative
    • 2001: Koenraad Elst, The Saffron Swastika: The Notion of “Hindu Fascism”, volume 2, page 659 (Voice of India; →ISBN, 9788185990699)
      Ecology, already decried as a new and dangerous form of socialism by a considerable part of the Right (from libertarians and industrialists to the so-called Palaeoconservatives, vide the anti-environmentalist “Wise Use” movement in the US), can now be attacked from the other side as well, viz. by linking it with Hitler.