palaeoconservative ‎(comparative more palaeoconservative, superlative most palaeoconservative)

  1. Alternative spelling of paleoconservative
    • 1989: Conor Cruise O’Brien, Passion & Cunning: Essays on Nationalism, Terrorism and Revolution, page 252 (Simon and Schuster; ISBN 0671687468, 9780671687465)
      Far from thinking of that election result as ‘a mark of the spreading influence of neo-conservative intellectuals’, I think that the only intellectual who clearly exercised a significant influence in bringing about the defeat of Jimmy Carter and the election of Ronald Reagan was that eminent palaeoconservative scholar, Imam Khomeini.


palaeoconservative ‎(plural palaeoconservatives)

  1. Alternative spelling of paleoconservative
    • 2001: Koenraad Elst, The Saffron Swastika: The Notion of “Hindu Fascism”, volume 2, page 659 (Voice of India; ISBN 8185990697, 9788185990699)
      Ecology, already decried as a new and dangerous form of socialism by a considerable part of the Right (from libertarians and industrialists to the so-called Palaeoconservatives, vide the anti-environmentalist “Wise Use” movement in the US), can now be attacked from the other side as well, viz. by linking it with Hitler.