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paleo- +‎ illustrator


paleoillustrator (plural paleoillustrators)

  1. An artist who produces scientific illustrations of prehistoric flora and fauna.
    • 2003, The Guild Handbook of Scientific Illustration (Elaine R. S. Hodges), John Wiley & Sons (2003), →ISBN, page 330:
      Typically, the artist is asked to document the smallest details of a fossil bone. The paleoillustrator should not hesitate to point out where additional preparation can be used to locate and define such important characters as sutures and foramina.
    • 2004, Brendan Hanrahan, Great Day Trips in the Connecticut Valley of the Dinosaurs, Perry Heights Press (2004), →ISBN, page 18:
      Since most of what remains of dinosaurs is bones and footprints, a paleoillustrator must have a head for paleontology and anatomy as well.
    • 2009, Mark A, Norell, book review, The Quarterly Review of Biology, Volume 84, Number 3, September 2009 page 288:
      Instead of the norm, which is to cop illustrations from other sources, this volume is full of commissioned drawings by John Sibbick—one of the best paleoillustrators in the world.