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Blend of panentheism +‎ deism


  • IPA(key): /ˌpænənˈdiɪzəm/


panendeism (uncountable)

  1. (religion) A deistic equivalent of panentheism.
    • 2011, Nick Dutch, Transdeism and Divination, →ISBN:
      There is something called PanEnDeism which perceives God or the Divine as being part of nature and somehow beyond the universe.
    • 2015, R Lataster, “Pantheistic God-Concepts: Ancient, Contemporary, Popular, and Plausible Alternatives to Classical Theism”, in Literature & Aesthetics, volume 25:
      In this case, one possibility is that the deity is not fully 'consumed' by the creative process, and some remnant remains which can be described by panendeism, a conflation of deism and panentheism.
    • 2017, Bernardo Kastrup, “The Idealist Interpretation of Pandeism”, in Knujon Mapson, editor, Pandeism: An Anthology, →ISBN, page 43:
      In my view, Pandeism and Panendeism imply nonetheless the same ontology. In both cases, there is only God and God is only cognizable to us in the form of the universe. The difference is merely epistemic: Panendeism suggests more explicitly that we, humans, cannot know everything about God; that there is always a part of God fundamentally beyond our cognitive capacities.
    • 2017, The Society for the Alignment of Religion., The Supra-Intelligent Design, →ISBN:
      REP’s model is a variety of panendeism, which is a philosophical template that views reality as consisting of the physical realm and something else—a non-thinking trans-physical supra-intelligent kernel.

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