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From Middle French partialité, from Medieval Latin partiālitās.

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  • (General American) IPA(key): /pɑɹʃiˈælɪti/, /pɑɹˈʃælɪti/, /pɑɹˈʃæləti/
  • (UK) IPA(key): /pɑːʃiˈalɪti/, /pɑːˈʃalɪti/, /pɑːˈʃaləti/
  • (New Zealand) IPA(key): /pɐːʃiˈɛlɘti/, /pɐːˈʃɛlɘti/
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Noun edit

partiality (countable and uncountable, plural partialities)

  1. Preference, bias in favor of, tendency.
    The judge's partiality towards the defendant caused him to be replaced, with someone who was apparently more neutral.
  2. The quality of being partial or incomplete.
    • 2008, Hugo Letiche, Making Healthcare Care: Managing via Simple Guiding Principles:
      Illness confronts the self with partiality, incompleteness, and mortality.

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