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From pathology +‎ -ical.

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pathological (comparative more pathological, superlative most pathological)

  1. (medicine) Pertaining to pathology.
  2. (medicine) Relating to, amounting to, or caused by a physical or mental disorder.
    • 1981 April 18, Michael Bronski, “Good Production -- Bad Play”, in Gay Community News, page 10:
      Paul Canning's performance as Julian gives the character an emotional center that is not in the script: He is vulnerable without being pathological, needy without being pathetic.
  3. (mathematics) Having properties which are counterintuitive or difficult to handle.
  4. (computer science) Having properties that cause unusually bad behaviour, especially regarding correctness or performance.

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  • (medicine, of a physical or mental disorder): pathologic (US)

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