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pattern +‎ -ation


patternation (plural patternations)

  1. The act or result of forming a pattern, particularly of a spray from a nozzle.
    • 1948, The Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society, volume 52, page 179:
      Therefore, ignoring for the time being patternation and related factors, they had been concerned also []
    • 1987, Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems[1], volume 7, page 160:
      Patternations were done to acquire swath widths for each pressure/height treatment.
    • 2013, Ghasem G. Nasr, Industrial Sprays and Atomization: Design, Analysis and Applications[2], page 8:
      The names for the patternations in Figure 2.1 indicate shapes and symmetries, of the spray boundaries, but it is not possible to assume how droplet mass flux varies within the cross-section.