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pauce (comparative more pauce, superlative most pauce)

  1. Subject to or pertaining to paucity; being scarce or insufficient.
    • 1966, Tōhoku Daigaku. Science Reports, v.37-38 1965-1967, Tōhoku University: 1966, page 208
      [] although the foraminiferal content is pauce.
    • 1983, Academy of Political Science (U.S.) Political Science Quarterly; New York, v.98 (1983-84), page 521
      Comparable information for the Soviets is pauce; but the authors' observations are stimulating and plausible.
    • 1997, Tony Whitten, Roehayat Emon Soeriaatmadja, Suraya A. Afiff. The Ecology of Java and Bali, Oxford University Press: 1997, page 600
      So, although it is often asserted that monocultures lead to increased risks of disease and pest attack, the evidence is pauce.

Usage notesEdit

  • Generally an error made by non-native speakers.