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peacock +‎ -ery


peacockery (usually uncountable, plural peacockeries)

  1. gaudy showiness; ostentation
    • 1880, Walter Besant and James Rice, The Seamy Side, London: Chatto & Windus, 1888, Chapter XXIV, p. 280, [1]
      [] he was so deeply struck with the shock of this revelation that he actually forgot himself and his own peacockery.
    • 1946, "The New Elegance," Time, 11 November, 1946, [2]
      Designs ranged from elaborate peacockery to sexy sheaths of black sequins, to puffs of lace topped with sparkling rhinestones.
    • 1998, Des Kennedy, An Ecology of Enchantment, p. 64, [3]
      Shoots break from the earth, leaves unfurl auspiciously and peacockeries of colour—dashing golds, purples and whites—illuminate the grounds.
    • 2002, Jim Harrison and Robert J. DeMott, Conversations with Jim Harrison, Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, p. 75, [4]
      I have always thought of the word “macho” in terms of what it means in Mexico—a particularly ugly peacockery, a conspicuous cruelty to women and animals and children, a gratuitous viciousness.