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personas non grata

  1. plural of persona non grata
    • 1995, Robert Jackson Alexander, Presidents of Central America, Mexico, Cuba, and Hispaniola: Conversations and Correspondence[1], →ISBN, page 34:
      Samoza has a long list of people who are personas non grata, and Figures suspects that I cannot get a visa to get into the country for this reason.
    • 2001, Neil Rattigan, This is England: British film and the People's War, 1939-1945[2], →ISBN, page 327:
      9. Powell and Pressburger produced a short film between Colonel Blimp and A Canterbury Tale: The Volunteer, a recruiting film for the Fleet Air Arm, for which they had total Admiralty cooperation, which suggests they were far from personas non grata with the authorities.
    • 2007, Paul Ferrara, Flash of Eden[3], →ISBN, page 138:
      The Doors became personas non grata. They couldn't get a gig.