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By analogy to babysit

Verb edit

petsit (third-person singular simple present petsits, present participle petsitting, simple past and past participle petsat)

  1. To babysit for (take care of) a pet.
    • 1998, Tessa Krailing, Trixie and the Cyber Pet, page 98:
      Sam, Jo, Matthew, and Katie have been hired to petsit Trixie-Belle, a very aristocratic Yorkshire Terrier.
    • 2008, David Bordon, Tom Winters, 101 Things You Should Do Before Going to Heaven:
      If you don't want to make the longterm commitment of taking on a pet, offer to petsit for a friend.
    • 2018, Heidi Lang, Rules of the Ruff:
      “Do you do a lot of petsitting? Can I petsit, too?” Jessie asked eagerly.

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  1. nominative plural of petsi

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