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pinkwashed (comparative more pinkwashed, superlative most pinkwashed)

  1. Colored or tinged pink, especially from paint or light.
    • 1907, Mary Wright Plummer, Roy and Ray in Mexico, Henry Holt and Company (1907), page 22:
      The buildings were low, generally with one story, and never with more than two, and built of adobe, a sort of clay found abundantly in the dryer parts of the Southwest. They were not only whitewashed but bluewashed and pinkwashed, as Roy put it, giving a very gay appearance to the streets.
    • 2008, Tanita S. Davis, A La Carte, Borzoi Books (2008), →ISBN, page 218:
      We move out of the trees and up a little rise where we can better see the sky, which is slate blue with a flaming rosy glow that fades to the palest pinkwashed gold.




  1. simple past tense and past participle of pinkwash