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poly- +‎ deistic


polydeistic (comparative more polydeistic, superlative most polydeistic)

  1. Of or relating to polydeism.
    • 1974, Enver Hoxha, Selected Works, p. 366:
      We must make selections on sound criteria from the works of the authors of our Renaissance for the different categories of schools and the public, eliminating the negative passages without hesitation, for if you give the children of the 8-year schools poems and writings of an author of our Renaissance in which he speaks of God, and on the other hand you praise this author highly, then you have also exalted his idealist, deistic or polydeistic philosophy.
    • 1999, Susan Sered, Women of the Sacred Groves: Divine Priestesses of Okinawa, p. 62:
      Two women-led religions, the Shakers and Christian Science, do not fit this polydeistic pattern.