polygon +‎ -ness


polygonness ‎(uncountable)

  1. (mathematics, rare) The state of being a polygon.
    • 1990, Rudolf Haller and Johannes Brandl, Wittgenstein—eine Neubewertung, ISBN 3209011222:
      Imagine that humans have failed to grasp the nature of Polygonness and that without realizing it, our conception of the Form is constantly changing and is always mistaken.
    • 1992, Christopher Ives, Zen Awakening and Society, ISBN 0824814533, page 38:
      However many times we may add sides to a polygon, it never becomes a circle; to become a circle, the polygon must undergo an absolute negation (of its polygonness).
    • 2001, Gregory Browne, Necessary Factual Truth, ISBN 0761818863, page 11:
      For example, quadrilateralness can be analyzed into the attributes polygonness (ie, being a polygon) and four-sidedness.


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