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pre- +‎ shifted


preshifted (not comparable)

  1. (chiefly computer graphics) Shifted in advance.
    • 1983, InCider (volume 1)
      [] elaborate masking, XDRAWing, refreshing, bit-shifting, preshifted shape sequences, []
    • 2010, Tobias Schuchert, Plant Leaf Motion Estimation Using A 5D Affine Optical Flow Model (page 50)
      The images are preshifted, so that disparity is smaller than 1 pixel per camera displacement.
    • 2011, Andy Hertzfeld, Revolution in The Valley (page 47)
      Meanwhile, my good friend Bill Budge, an amazing Apple II games programmer, came up with an incredibly fast way to draw proportional text on the Apple II graphics screen using seven preshifted tables.