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From print +‎ -worthy



printworthy (comparative more printworthy, superlative most printworthy)

  1. Of sufficient worth to be printed.
    • 2010, Kathryn Harwig, “Five — Illness as a Wake-Up Call”, in The Return of Intuition[1], Llewellyn Worldwide, →ISBN:
      Well, I believe her story is very printworthy. It illustrates an important point of all this.
    • 2014 June 26, Anthony Hirst; Patrick Sammon, “Chapter Seven — Eleni Calligas”, in The Ionian Islands: Aspects of their History and Culture[2], Cambridge Scholars Publishing, →ISBN, page 171:
      General education and the cultivation of the Greek language were considered issues of political significance, so poems did not have to be overtly political to be regarded as relevant or printworthy.
    • 2016 November 29, E W Farnsworth, The Black Arts[3],, →ISBN, page 16:
      "I know. News about the legislation might be printworthy anyway."

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