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progressive metal



progressive metal (uncountable)

  1. a subgenre of heavy metal with progressive rock influences
    • 2001, Pat Browne, The guide to United States popular culture, Popular Press, page 373:
      The “progressive metal” movement began in the 1990s with the group Dream Theater.
    • 2003, Daniel Bukszpan, Ronnie James Dio, The Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal, Barnes & Noble Publishing, page 106:
      In 1988 they reached their true breakthrough both as a progressive metal band and as a commercial force with Operation Mindcrime, a concept album whose progressive elements were supplemented by symphonic arrangements played by a live orchestra.
    • 2005, Joel McIver, Extreme Metal II, Music Sales Group, page 25:
      Formed in 1987 by guitarist Kevin Heidbreder and bassist John Emery, St. Louis' Anacrusis grew from a talented thrash outfit to one of the most highly respected progressive metal bands in the United States.