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pseudo- +‎ -cele


pseudocele (plural pseudoceles)

  1. Alternative form of pseudocoel
    • 1970, Relis Bastian Brown, General Biology, page 325:
      The intestine continues digestion and absorbs and stores food, allowing some to diffuse into the pseuodcele and about the body.
    • 1984, Paul Chester Beaver, ‎Rodney Clifton Jung, & ‎Eddie Wayne Cupp, Clinical parasitology, page 224:
      The body cavity is a pseudocele (i.e., it is not lined with mesothelium). All of the viscera, including the digestive system, the excretory system (primitively), and the reproductive system, are suspended in the pseudocele.
    • 2001, Fernando Simón, ‎Claudio & Genchi, Heartworm infection in humans and animals, →ISBN, page 22:
      The uterus occupies the pseudocele, rolling upon itself at intervals and extending in the posterior quarter of the body, where it narrows towards fine thin oviducts.