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puck palace



puck palace (plural puck palaces)

  1. (Canada and northern US, ice hockey, informal) An arena containing a rink and spectator seating for playing and viewing ice hockey, especially one which is considered to be well-equipped and state-of-the-art.
    • 1936, Vern DeGeer, "Wings Beat Bruins 4-3‎," Windsor Daily Star (Canada), 21 Dec., p. 3 (retrieved 11 May 2011):
      It was easily the most spirited battle of speed and brawn offered in the Detroit puck palace this winter.
    • 1954, Gorde Hunter, "The Neutral Zone," Calgary Herald (Canada), 20 March, p. 34 (retrieved 11 May 2011):
      However, a new puck palace in the Manitoba capital could eventually have a connection with Calgary hockey.
    • 2008, Randy Krebs, "SCSU's plan deserves much praise," St. Cloud Times (USA), 6 July, p. B6 (retrieved 11 May 2011):
      To see the utilitarian hockey center transformed into a puck palace similar to the Minnesota Wild's home ice should bring chills to even the most staid fans.