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quadrella (plural quadrellas)

  1. (gambling, horse racing, Australia, New Zealand) A bet where the bettor must pick the winners of four nominated races at the same track.
    • 2003 March 22, Craig Sherborne, Footy′s Man of Passion, The Herald Sun, republished in 2003, Garrie Hutchinson (editor), The Best Australian Sports Writing 2003, page 79,
      Demetriou is an inveterate punter with a miraculous instinct for picking big quadrellas.
    • 2009, H. G. Nelson (Greig Pickhaver), Sprays: A Collection of Verbal Touch-Ups, unnumbered page,
      Imagine jagging a couple of nice trifectas or the quadrella and squaring the Christmas credit-card bill, with a little extra left for a three-week holiday at Victor Harbor. Magic!
    • 2010, Stephen Barkoczy. Australian Tax Casebook, 10th Edition, CCH Australia, page 416,
      Instead, the taxpayer relied on his own intuition, placed bets mainly on the totalisator or with on-course bookmakers and was more inclined to place “higher risk” bets such as trifectas and quadrellas.

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