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queer +‎ platonic


queerplatonic (comparative more queerplatonic, superlative most queerplatonic)

  1. (neologism, of a relationship) Not romantic and (usually) not sexual, but sharing a stronger emotional bond than typical in a friendship.
    • 2012, Ashton Strait, "Beyond bffs: cozying up to queerplatonic relationships", Post (Brown University), Volume 14, Issue 8, 15 November 2012, page 3:
      At the end of a tough day, “just friends” might simply hug, whereas a queerplatonic couple is more likely to crawl right into bed together without thinking twice. Think Hannah and Marnie from Girls rather than Rachel and Monica from Friends. The former pair's friendship is an excellent example of a queerplatonic relationship, even if they might not label it that.
    • 2013, Tracey Hickey, "Asexuality should be recognized as a legitimate sexual orientation", The Pitt News (University of Pittsburgh), 14 February 2013:
      Outside the romantic paradigm, some people form what they’re calling “queerplatonic” relationships. The word indicates nothing about the gender of the participants, but speaks to the desire to “queer” our understandings of platonic friendships. These are relationships of care — “life partnerships” that go quite beyond what most of us consider ordinary friendship. Many sexually ambiguous literary or onscreen relationships — think Frodo and Sam, Holmes and Watson, Thelma and Louise — can also be read as queerplatonic.
    • 2013, Anonymous, "The 'A' in LGBT", Counterpoint (Wellesley College), Volume 35, Issue 1, September 2013, page 8:
      After feeling these concerns, I was happy to learn about squishes and queerplatonic partners (also known as zucchinis, for some reason unclear to me).
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