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reëdit (third-person singular simple present reëdits, present participle reëditing, simple past and past participle reëdited)

  1. Alternative spelling of re-edit
    • 1831, “French Literature”, in Francis Lieber, editor, Encyclopædia Americana, volume 5, page 271:
      The profound works of an earlier period have been reëdited (Art de vérifier les Dates, by Allais, and Art de vérifier les Dates depuis l’Année 1770 jusqu’à nos Jours, by Courcelles, 1821), and accompanied by numerous works on French history.
    • 1864, “Review of Miscellaneous Remains from the Commonplace-Book of Richard Whately, D.D., late Archbishop of Dublin, edited by Miss E. J. Whately”, in Littell’s Living Age, volume 83, page 527:
      Also in a future reëditing of the Commonplace-book (in full), together with a good selection of sentences and bright sayings from his works, we venture to request the omission of his poetry.
    • 1952, Roger Ambrose Pack, The Greek and Latin Literary Texts from Greco-Roman Egypt, University of Michigan Press, page 24:
      B. Snell, Hermes, Einzelsehr, 5 (1937), 1–68, reëdits the text.
    • 1970, Yakov Malkiel, editor, Romance Philology, volume 24, University of California Press, page 130:
      The framework of S.’s study, I repeat, encouraged him to reëdit Ry, also to reprint Voigt’s 1898 ed. of Adalbert’s Homily, and to provide a most convenient four-part — Types C, A, Ct, and B2 — redaction of the 11th-c. Latin prose Vita (106–153).

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