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Etymology 1Edit

remain +‎ -er


remainer (plural remainers)

  1. One who remains.
  2. (Britain, politics) Alternative letter-case form of Remainer

Etymology 2Edit

From a variant of Old French remaindre.


remainer (plural remainers)

  1. Obsolete form of remainder.
    • 1658, John Newton, Trigonometria Britanica[1], page 9:
      The ſide of a Hexagon or Radius being given, the ſide of a Decangle or ſubtenſe of 30 deg. is alſo given ; for by the 19 of the ſecond, the Semi-radius being deducted from the ſquare root of the ſquares of Radius and the half Radius added together, the remainer is the ſide of a Decangle.