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  1. present participle of reproduce


reproducing (usually uncountable, plural reproducings)

  1. reproduction
    • 2013, Ulrich E. Stegmann, Animal Communication Theory: Information and Influence, Cambridge University Press (→ISBN), page 140:
      Understanding why a correlation persists, what kind of endurings or cyclings or reproducings are accounting for it, can of course be a huge help in trying to project the more exact path or paths that a correlation will take, hence in reading signs.
    • 2005, Heidi Nast, Steve Pile, Places Through the Body, Routledge (→ISBN)
      1 It is important to note, here, that we are not thinking of social production only in terms of political economy at this point, so that social production includes exchanges, circulations, consumings, refusals, and reproducings of all kinds, and that social ...
    • 1996, Acta Theriologica
      ... adult individuals of both sexes were considered reproducings in accordance with Amaya et al. (1979) Results and discussion Sex ratio The material examined was composed of 92 males (21 leverets, 38 juveniles, and 33 adults) and 110 ...