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re- +‎ production

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  • IPA(key): /ˌɹiːpɹəˈdʌkʃən/
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: re‧pro‧duc‧tion

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reproduction (countable and uncountable, plural reproductions)

  1. The act of reproducing new individuals biologically.
    • 2013 May-June, Katrina G. Claw, “Rapid Evolution in Eggs and Sperm”, in American Scientist, volume 101, number 3:
      Many genes with reproductive roles also have antibacterial and immune functions, which indicate that the threat of microbial attack on the sperm or egg may be a major influence on rapid evolution during reproduction.
  2. The act of making copies.
    Unauthorized reproduction of this article is prohibited.
  3. A copy of something, as in a piece of art; a duplicate.
    Jim was proud of the Rembrandt reproduction he owned.
  4. (computing) A method for reproducing a bug or problem.
    • 2020, Joe Tsai, “[Bug?] Repeated imported enum cause panic in golang”, in protobuf mailing list[1]:
      Could you file a bug at on the issue tracker with a minimum reproduction so that we can investigate?

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reproduction f (plural reproductions)

  1. reproduction

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