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Present participle of repugnō.


repugnāns m or f or n (genitive repugnantis); third declension

  1. opposing
  2. resisting, defending


Third declension.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masc./Fem. Neuter Masc./Fem. Neuter
Nominative repugnāns repugnāns repugnantēs repugnantia
Genitive repugnantis repugnantis repugnantium repugnantium
Dative repugnantī repugnantī repugnantibus repugnantibus
Accusative repugnantem repugnāns repugnantēs, repugnantīs repugnantia
Ablative repugnante, repugnantī1 repugnante, repugnantī1 repugnantibus repugnantibus
Vocative repugnāns repugnāns repugnantēs repugnantia

1When used purely as an adjective.



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    • to do a thing which is not one's vocation, which goes against the grain: adversante et repugnante natura or invitā Minervā (ut aiunt) aliquid facere (Off. 1. 31. 110)