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rice queen (plural rice queens)

  1. (idiomatic, slang, LGBT) A non-Asian man who is mostly attracted to East Asian men.
    • 1984, Herbert Gold, Mister White Eyes: A Novel, Arbor House, →ISBN, page 204,
      These were nostalgic gray wolves in this place, or maybe they were the ones who spent the money and brought in the chickens. A rice queen with a Japanese boy (maybe Chinese).
    • 1995, unnamed interview subject, quoted in Laurence Wai-Teng Leong and Gerard Sullivan, Gays and Lesbians in Asia and the Pacific: Social and Human Services, Haworth Press, →ISBN, page 101,
      If a man like myself in his 40s goes into a gay bar in Australia, no heads are going to turn. There are a few young Asian men and a lot of rice queens. In Thailand the position is reversed and the Caucasian man can choose.
    • 2005, Regie Cabico, "gameboy", in Emanuel Xavier (Ed.), Bullets & Butterflies: Queer Spoken Word Poetry, Suspect Thoughts Press, →ISBN, page 50,
      [] / i am not a teriyaki toy / / a rice queen's dream   a bowl of soy sauce to dip yr meat in / []



  • Queen of Chinatown

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