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rip +‎ -able


rippable (comparative more rippable, superlative most rippable)

  1. Capable of being ripped (in various senses).
    • 2006, Maximum PC (July 2006, page 12)
      The bill, dubbed the PERFORM Act, would require sites to use copy-protected audio formats rather than the easily-rippable MP3 format used by many Shoutcast streaming sites.
  2. (of rock) Capable of being mechanically broken.
  3. (surfing) Easy to rip on; allowing a surfer to perform like an expert.
    • 2006, Greg Ambrose, Surfer's Guide to Hawaii 2nd Edition (page 86)
      If you can't look good while surfing Chun's, it's time to take up another sport. The biggest danger in surfing the easy, rippable waves at Chun's is tripping over your newly inflated ego.