rockhard (comparative more rockhard, superlative most rockhard)

  1. Alternative spelling of rock hard
    • Jan 2004, Black Belt, Vol. 42, No. 1, page 30
      How to develop rockhard Abs of the Dragon
    • 2004, Donald E. Westlake, The road to ruin
      Flip Morriscone would rather watch himself than anyone else on the planet, man or woman, and that was because he was in the absolute peak of physical condition; rockhard abs, rockhard butt, legs like a centaur's, neck like a plinth.
    • 2002, M J Rennie, Permission/The Perfect Wife, page 145
      Tenderly,Master placed his rockhard cock against my full,fleshy lips.
    • 2006, John Patrick, Secret Passions, page 33
      When she glanced up at him, she caught his smile, his hooded, silvered eyes as he slipped a condom over his rockhard cock.
    • 2010, G W Leatherman Parks, Leatherdaddy
      My rockhard cock slid in and out of that handsome ass as if I was drilling for oil.
    • 1994, Hans Urs von Balthasar, Light of the world, page 120
      Faith in God and in Christ can only become rockhard faith in a rocky fortress through God and Christ himself.