rock hard


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rock hard (not comparable)

  1. As tough, hard, or inflexible as a piece of rock.
    • 1998, Jean Carper, Food - Your Miracle Medicine, page 192
      One of humankind's oldest maladies, kidney stones are rock-hard
    • 2007, Meaghan Mountford, Cookie Sensations: Creative Designs for Every Occasion, page 25
      You are not using the frosting as a glue, as in making a gingerbread house, so it is not necessary that it dry rock hard.
  2. (bodybuilding) With muscles developed and toned to a high degree, especially the muscles of the abdomen.
    • 2007-2008, quoted in Best Newspaper Writing, 2007-2008, page 367
      He was pale but rock-hard from exercise, and still had a grunt's haircut.
    • 2010, Andre Maxwell Jacob, And Then There Was Life!, page 229
      Workout complete – Miles body was rock hard.
  3. (figuratively) Having a very fully erect and stiff penis
    • 2008, Eden Bradley, Forbidden Fruit, page 112
      Tommy Lee first shivered when he felt the tongue in his ear, but his whole body shuddered when he felt the deputy's rock hard cock press along the length of his ass crack.
    • 2010, Devon Scott, Unfaithful, page 142
      He is rock hard as he mounts her.
  4. (figuratively) With strongly held beliefs and opinions, deep conviction.
    • 2010, Richard House, Del Loewenthal, Childhood, Well-Being and Therapeutic Ethos, page 96
      Mark does not seem to be suffering from any inner conflict, in that he is rock hard and will not budge from this position.




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