rubber band

See also: rubberband and rubber-band


A few rubber bands


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rubber band (plural rubber bands)

  1. An elastic band made of rubber.


Derived termsEdit



rubber band (third-person singular simple present rubber bands, present participle rubber banding, simple past and past participle rubber banded)

  1. Alternative form of rubber-band
    • 1994 September 26, Wayne McGinnis, interview printed in 2000, by Jean Shellenbarger in The 9th Engineer Battalion, First Marine Division, in Vietnam, page 201:
      My mother gave me maybe 150 to 200 letters, [] all rubber banded together month by month and in dates.
    • 2005, Sarah Morgan Major, Place Value, →ISBN, page 22:
      Prompt them to pick up ten sticks, rubber band them together, and quickly move them to the tens office.
    • 2012, Cheryl Kerr, See Ya →ISBN, page 130:
      There were yellowed pages of base layouts and plans, a duty roster, and a rubber banded package of papers.